Monday, March 18, 2013

Show Results!

This past weekend I attended the annual Show For the Cure near Chicago, Illinois. It was wonderful to see all my model friends. I was judging resins, so I only showed a little performance, but here are some highlights. The warmblood mare Donnertanzerin got to finally show off the amazing Purdymobile cart!  Bill Duncan made the cart, and Christina Brown made the harness. I need to do a fancier set up for NAN, but that will come later. She did well with limited showing. Won several English classes and in halter and workmanship, so she is off to NAN.
 Bint Morafina got to show off my Arab scene that I showed at Breyerfest last year. This set up I am really looking forward to taking to NAN.
 This next one is not from my show, but a Purdy champion at the Carolina Gold Coast show a few weeks back. This Comtois is owned by Beth Patterson, thanks for the photo!
 Back to my show, Bint showing off her Nelson costume
 And thank you Kelley for the championship photo of Glory Ali Lulja, glad to see that Purdy horses are doing well all over the country.
I was so sick last weekend that I didn't finish the Totilas, and I have a bad cold now but hopefully they will be done for this weekend's show in Huntly. If you have any more Purdy Pictures, please email them so I can put them on the blog.


TiMe said...

Lovely horses!
I really like the driving entry and Donnertanzerin is just gorgeous *drool*

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