Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touch of Pink

Everyone knows Jen and I trade all the time, but somehow in addition to the planned trades, I try to manage an extra "bribe Jen for NAN tack" model. Jen has a horrible weakness for hunter ponies, and who could resist this? Touch of Pink made her show debut yesterday, and in addition to an English performance champ, a reserve overall english champ, she got reserve pony/draft champ!

No Jen, doll does not come with. I gotta admit, she is purdy darn cute!

I did run into an issue with her hunter doll. First I need to carve her butt a bit more and resculpt her coat to flow behind her, but worse than that, I forgot her head yesterday!!!! I was determined to show everything I planned.....

So a poor unsuspecting breyer doll had to pay the price!

The eberl pony really is one of my favorites, here is Moonpie and Touch of Pink, both made from the Eberl Haflinger mold. Well, Touch of Pink had a head transplant, poor CAS, never saw it coming.

Look, even Mieka loves leopard!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lumi's Graduation

I haven't had a chance to post much the past couple of weeks dues to a totally unforeseen yet wonderful event. Out of the blue I got an email and a phone call that someone was interested in my cremello Morgan stallion, Amberfields Luminesence. If you remember, I almost sold Lumi a couple of years ago due to a horrible family situation, but that calmed down and I was able to keep him (and to keep Todd happy, I sold pretty much everyone else). Sue Olson, of Rafter Bar D Morgans, is on the left. What so great is that she said she was surfing the net for cremello morgans, found this blog, and the next thing she was looking at was a decapitated model horse! She thought the cremello morgan part was a mistake, but found the model horses were so interesting that she kept reading, and found posts about Lumi.

I was thinking about how next year, when JJ, the part arabian cremello son on Lumi was two, what was I going to do with two stallions, but Lumi is so easy going I wasn't too worried about it. What weird is that a few weeks prior to Sue's call, I was in Wisconsin talking about the colt and how I might sell Lumi next I was convinced that Sue knew someone in the hobby. Turns out, its was simply fate. It is always hard to let such a kind horse go, regardless of color or being a stallion, Lumi is just a great horse that everyone loves to visit and pet. But now he will be standing at their farm breeding high quality, purebred colorful morgans and I am so proud of him! Check out their website at
The only challenge, selling a cremello horse in early spring in Illinois. Thankfully we have had warm weather and I can start bathing Lumi, but honestly, he is part hog and really, really likes dirt. Yes, thats a leopard print halter....

I want Lumi to be ready to work when he leaves in a couple of weeks, and Sue rides western, so I dug out the one western saddle I have......guess what color it is????
Giggle, it could be worse, it could be pink leopard! He is such a wonderful stallion, I haven't saddle him in months, and he has only worn by little all purpose saddle, but I just threw this on his back and he was good as gold. I will get some pictures of me on him next week.
Once the babies are clean and shedded out a bit I will get new pictures of them. I will miss Lumi terribly, but he will be only 7 hours away in Northern Wisconsin and I have my little Lumi clones to be the cornerstone of my colored arab sporthorse program. Thank you forever Lumi!
Show tomorrow, will post pictures tomorrow night!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Minis Minis Minis

As promised, here are the pictures of the finished new minis. They are shipping off to their new home next week.

I will have more of these guys done in the next couple of weeks, they are so much fun to do!

I wish I had kept the Teke, I do plan to make a stallion version eventually, so this mare will be a true one of a kind from me.

Now a blog special, this price will only be posted here...the little arab still needs a home

So say you say her here and she can be purchased for $150ppd in the US