Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working Away Sky is Gray

So much for the beautiful fall weather here. Today it is damp and gray. Yesterday I was gone all day at my first Scholastic Bowl meet of the season (I am the Fresh/Soph coach) and I thought it would be a short day since all my kids are neubies except one and out of 32 teams we were the 2nd smallest school. BUT my kids did awesome and we brought home a trophy, and sent a lot of big suburban schools home!
You can see that Pixel, A,( and B think its horribly cold. Pixel loves to lay in front on the heat vent and has taught her two little minions the trick. What a life eh?

This is step one of the house redo. We are adding on a total of 600 square feet, my studio will be 200 of that! The whole house will be resided as well. The studio will be off the end where my husband did a great job of letting the guys know where the barn power came off the house.
This is what the front looks like now after we cut all the trees away. There will be a full wrap around porch going on, and a new decorative window in that big empty space...I am so thrilled that its actually happening!

I am trying to work, after all there is a lot of flooring that has to be done in addition to the furniture. I am planning on painting the china Esprit, (which is way better than the OF plastic), that same fawn buckskin as the big remake but with flashy white markings. The little scarlet is a portrait model that I am way behind on, go figure! I didn't get a whole lot done with the models since the big TN show.

And I want to finish this neat arab filly remake I started. If anyone is interested they can pick a custom solid color for $350 postage paid.
I plan to go to the CCR show this weekend, but just found out that the hauler that was suppose to be here two weeks ago may be coming that day! Horse haulers are worse than doctors as far as time goes I think.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Days

No I havn't been slacking, just busy with the real horses and the house. I actually sold 3 of my real horses in the past three weeks. I am so happy with my new foals that I made the decision to get rid of anything that didn't fit into my morab plans. So my champagne half friesian, my true roan NSH, and the palomino morab gelding are all going to new homes. Its hard to let them go, but that way I only have a couple to worry about over the winter while we are busy with the house. Its a beautiful sunny day here, hard to believe winter is coming. They have all been so happy growing up together, next week when they all start leaving I am sure I will be shedding a tear or two.

Now on a lighter this wrong? Better than letting old eggs go to waste I suppose.....;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stamping Type!

I know I know more baby pictures, but look at this! The first is a purebred palomino morgan filly my stallion sired before he left for my place from his breeder.

And this is Deedee, two totally different mares that are different breeds!!! Apparently he is going to be quite the producer. I took down all his ads, I just can't let him go he is too sweet. I did sell all my young ones just so Lumi can stay a few more years till his girls are old enough to breed. I am so looking forward to riding him!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby pictures!!!!

The babies are just so damn cute! I have been busy getting stuff done with the house and my real horse herd reduction, but wanted to share some new ones. My husband thinks Deedee looks like she has a deer crossed with a bunny rabbit tail!

All I can say is She's so FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!
Lumi loves the babies. He is in with both mares and foals and watches over them like a good daddy. Yesterday they were both passed out in the sun and he was standing next to them while the deat beat moms were across the pasture. If only he would stay clean just for a few minutes, the horse just loves dirt!

Ceecee will be much more araby looking than Deedee, but I just love them both to pieces and such faces on them! Hopefully I can catch some pictures of them playing together before the typical nasty Illinois winter comes, grrrrrrrr.