Saturday, July 23, 2011

Breyerfest Sales

As promised, I am posting the horses that didn't sell at Breyerfest to the public. The first is the Roxy remade to a backing pose. I was a bit thrown off by the order of performance classes not being what I planned, so she only went in a few classes and didn't get to do halter. However, she is NAN qualified in Western Performance for the NAN 2012-2013. My sparkly Buxton halter doesn't come with, but she just looked so Purdy in it....giggle

A super fun pose that could be shown in anything! $650

The guy I love, and I think will be a blast to show in performance, the morgan reiner remade from the Alborozo

His head came from a PAM, the mane from Esprit, and the tail from a Huck! $700

The last is Encore Ali, a proven Live Show Champ and NAN qualified in halter for 2012-2013


Time payments and certain trades for tack or Duncan carts can be arranged, just ask!

Monday, July 18, 2011

All about Friendship

I just got back from Breyerfest yesterday, and what a year it was! I had put a lot of effort into my customs and performance this year since I may not get to show next year. I am entering a Masters program in Chemistry (the Masters I have is in Education) and it goes over the summer term. So I figured I needed to go for broke this year, and it worked! I got several custom division champs and the Overall Reserve Custom Champ with my Zenyatta model (on right), but the highlight of the weekend was winning the Overall Grand Performance Championship at the Breyerfest Show! Darrit, the walking mule on the left, was the winner. The championship models are in the middle. That's Kathy Wiggins (tack goddess and BFF) in the background.....giggle, I don't think she realized she was in it!

The win was great, but the best part of the win was the fact I couldn't have done it without my friends. Everything that made my entries special was made by special friends I hold dear to my heart. Not only is Darrit named after D'Arry's brother, but he couldn't have won the pleasure driving class without Gizmo the adorable French Bulldog made for me by D'Arry.

This entry, the final class that secured his championship, was so special to me since every piece in this was part of a friendship tax trade
The pack set and jumping mules bridle was made by Jen, the incredible plantation "Bayonne" (I have no idea how to spell that) saddle, accessories, even that cool leather cowboy hat was made by Kathy, there are little pieces hanging from the pack set from Shannon, the stick flooding the bridge were even from Idaho! You can't hear the cool sound box made by Kevin..the diorama itself was made by Mom and Kim Haymond (honestly, I call her mom mom) and it wowed people every time I got it out. This hobby is suppose to be about fun and friendship, and this entry, this whole championship proves it.

This dog trophy picture wasn't from Breyerfest, but it just shows how talented D'Arry is that she can make these amazing dog from the Breyer dogs, I will treasure Gizmo forever, she even has a pink stunned collar!

Close up of the champs

Spotted Assets won reserve English champ by 2 points, and that as without going in pleasure! Next year if I can show I plan to beef up his entries even more to see if he can win champ even without a class. I had to post this since he won dressage with his Prix Caprilli entry and that was all Jen's fault!

I didn't get many pictures, I was running around showing customs and performance, hopefully people out there have some they can send me of my class entries, Purdy Please???

I big hug to all my hobby friends out there, this was such a good weekend and reminded me of why I am so lucky to have my friends!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Breyerfest Preview 2011

I love the older apps, like what was seen back in the 50s and 60s.......

Finally an update! I plan to put finished pictures up in a few days before I leave, but thought I would put some teaser pictures up. No eyeballs yet or mapping, but at least you can see what I have been up to. First the walking pony in red roan sabino

The sooty palomino morgan reiner

A grulla paint Roxy remade to a gently backing mare, performance her she comes!

The dapply grey tobiano Pintabian Flash/weather girl combo

My jumping mule, the color is so unusual I had to put a picture of the real mule up so no one thought I was too crazy....not a word Shannon

The andalusian colt in bay going grey, isn't he a doll??

All of these except the mule are sales pieces, ever since I did the coon jumping mule I wanted a preformance mule for myself, so that little piece of "donkey" is staying with me...giggle

More in the next few days, I also have a few proven show horses that will be offer for sale as well
If you want em, come to the Artisan Hall in just a few days!