Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still Alive

This school year is turning out to be quite the new models this post, but just wanted to let people know that I am working on things, but my day job and kids have kinda taken over right now. Payton is in Kindergarden this year and had her first Halloween school party. Thats the little diva in the wedding dress. Needless to say, Dad just growled when she picked it out!

This year I am the head coach for my school's Scholastic Bowl team. We had our first tournament this past week and won. I hope this is the first of many victories for Purdy's Nerdies!

Then there were teacher conferences the past two weeks as well. Thankfully all Chemistry students are in one piece so far......knock on wood.....

Ira is getting bigger by the day. I put Sassy back in with Lumi to rebreed her and obviously he is the better parent. He is the one that stays next to her when she naps. You can see mother is no where to be found...

A bit later....still no mom around.....there was a faint drizzle so Her Royal Highness was probably in the barn leaving Ira with her father.

Can't you hear her say....."Do you know where my mommy is?". She is such a chunky monkey for a month old!

New models next week! Included is a warmblood mare made from a Keltic Salinero and a totally new head, she will be a stunning performance horse!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quarter Horse Congress

This weekend at the Quarter Horse Congress show I got to compete for an overall performance award which I haven't done since Breyerfest....and it went well! Thank you Shannon for this stunning western set which helped Plaudit Princess to her big win! This little gal is going to be owned by Shannon and me until after NAN when she will go home with Shannon to stay. After all, her head did come from Shannon's Flash model......

With work I haven't gotten much of a chance to show, but this past weekend I managed to tie work into a show weekend. I was at University of Illinois this Friday doing a leadership program with a former student, and then traveled onto Columbus, Ohio for the Quarter Horse Congress Live show. If you ever get a chance to go to this show its AMAZING to see the level of the Quarter Horse show world and get to show models while watching the best of the Quarter horse world walk by the door. This Lusitano is a CM I did from and ISH and was one of the few new beasties I managed to get done the past few months. He won both halter and workmanship (NANd) for his breed. He is for sale at $750.

The halter day was great, with Mole Bait getting overall Grand and my big walker Freedom Generator getting overall reserve. The awards were beautiful custom glazed mugs from Pour Horse with the Congress Show logo.

My walkers cleaned up their division, little Pushin the Moon held her own against the big guys!

A close up of Plaudit Princess in the amazing tack Shannon made. The carving on this saddle is so stunning!

Well I didn't mean to do this twice, but really, the set is incredible. The Congress Queen stopped by and she actually pick it out of all my tack and went on and on about how much it looked like a real saddle, and she is right! The show got over late and it was a full day with halter and performance, but I am sure pictures will be up on the web from other showers. If you can be in Columbus next year for this show you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Purdy Spectacular

Needless to say, these are way better than model photos! I do have a couple new customs I will put up this weekend, but I have been rather distracted the past 10 days. First, my beloved Morab mare, Jericho's Royal Secret (Sassy) foaled a stunning cremello filly last Saturday! What is amazing, is even though she is cremello with ice blue eyes and all, she is still dark enough to see her cool sabino markings and zig zag blaze. Her name is "Royal Iridesence" aka. Ira

Nope, not the same baby! My quarab mare, a great grand-daughter of Doc O Lena, "Docs Purdy Diana" had a cremello colt! Diana get her name from my mother, Diana, since she was born on my mom's birthday, November 17th.....

Now thats cool enough, but her colt was born on October 4th, which is Julia, my oldest daughter's birthday!!!!!! Hows that for Karma??????? Poor Diana, she is just 14.2 and he is huge!

These were taken today so he is just two days old. His name "Julianesence". aka Julian

And the girls from last year....Dee Dee looks just like her Aunt Sassy at a year

Cee cee is quite the pretty young thing but soooo full of herself. She is pale palomino, and you can see, Ira is just as dark as she is!

My wonderful Lumi, Amberfields Luminesence, sure earns his keep!