Friday, April 2, 2010

Okay lets try this again, thanks to by uber talented blog/tack goddess Jen Buxton, hopefully today's post is a little better! So today is the first edition of the "Training Barn". What I like to do is make a new horse and show it for a bit. In a Kentucky NAN year, I like to keep them through NAN then sell them after the show. Breyer customs I like to keep for the big Breyerfest show (where only breyer customs can be shown). So these two horses are for sale, at a fixed price. BUT, I want to keep them until after these shows, so if you want them, you can reserve them and then make time payments until the summer! You get all the extra NAN cards they earn of course, and in the event that one of the Breyers wins a championship model, you get first dibs at owning them as well (at a price way less then market demands). So here goes!
The first is the Breyer Cleveland Bay mold remade into an extended "Flying Friesian" trot. He stands on clear pegs. He is brand new and unshown so far, and his price is $500. This is his show side, funny the side without the mane looks better to me, shows off all the neck wrinkles.
His other side. He is NOT flat black, but has all kinds of brown and raven highlights/lowlights in his coat and his mane and tail have a gloss to them. And yes, you can see his teeth a tiny bit!

This is George...I want to love him and squeeze him and call him George.....
I PS standing drafter remake that took about two pounds of epoxy. His strawberry roan coat was done in pastels and eye shadow with individual hair details. I wanted him to look like the perfect patient drafter, standing relaxed, dozing in the sun. George is a VERY successful showhorse, with MULTIPLE championships and NAN cards in workmanship and halter. His latest win was overall reserve grand at Lonestar Live

I made sure that his relaxed leg had the dropped hip that its suppose to. This is a little detail often overlooked. Stand and lift the weight off one of your legs, you notice that hip has to (unless you force it up, and watch, you won't balance). Simple biomechanics. Every horse, model or real, has faults, but I try hard to make sure that basic biomechanics are correct. NOT that I always get it right either, but I do try and pay attention to it!

His sleepy face, he even has eyelash details, and those lips...well all my lazy real horses always stand with their lower lip relaxed, I swear I can see drool sometimes, so I wanted him to have that same at peace look

Here is a close up of his lips. He is priced at $700. He will be entered in halter and workmanship at NAN. After entering, he will have plenty of cards to spare!
Okay thats it for today, have a show this weekend and will post results and pics on Sunday, do let me know what you think! Thanks so much, and next week, tune in for stablemate simple remaking!


Sarah said...

LOVE your work Tiffany! I love drafters and I love George, I just want to love him and squeeze him too! You said you're open to suggestions, I would love to see more drafter customs. You can never have too many drafters!
~Sarah :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Hey! Thought you were hiding under a rock these days. HEE HEE! Good to see you online crazy nerd gal!

Speiser Studio said...
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Speiser Studio said...

Very nice post Tiff! Good customizing information without making anyone feel bad if they have made those common mistakes :)
Love the Friesian too, and I do agree about the off side, I love sexy neck wrinkles :)
George is adorable, but I am a push over for Friesians.

side note: Spell checker thinks Friesian is spelled wrong when I type it...0.o