Friday, June 25, 2010

Imafam II, the camel at NAN

So how did this camel come to be? Well this one is all Danielle's fault. Over a year ago she had one of the awesome Herden camels up for sale and I really wanted it, but she had to go and sell it to someone else (okay to be honest I had my shot at it) and when I whined she said " Well its not like you couldn't make one yourself"
True, but where to start? Ready for a shocker????
This first pic is the original Imafam in the foreground, with her poor broken leg from demolding, and Imafam II, the NAN camel, is the background. Imafam II has a different tail, and from the molding the head position comes out a little different

This is the original in primer.....
And here she is in progress! YES that is the breyer FAM!!!! Amazing what you can do with some apoxy and aluminum foil isn't it???? I purposely left her feet so you can see the original FAM hooves on the bottom. The only other thing not covered are the eyes, the finished camel has the same breyer eyes.

The whole reason I made a mold and wanted some cast copies is what you can see here. She is quite the frankenstein thing, and I worry how stable the piece it. That and just think of the camel remakes I can do!

Monday, June 21, 2010

NAN auction, why the wait?

Here are a couple more pictures I forgot, and if there are any angles you want to see, I can take more of either the horse or the camel. Once the new rider is done I will post pictures of just him

I am really happy with the Dancing Horse, why is it this one has to go?
Well one of the reasons it took so long was damn Mountie the Moose. I got Mountie last weekend at the show in Spokane, WA that was invaded by the Canucks. The is absolutly no border control up north at all! First thing he did was dive into the I have been to Idaho twice and there are no such plants in that don't believe the hype! In fact, the potatoes I ate there were grown in Washington! Whats next, Illinois apples??????

Then he jumped up on Sassy....oh I wish I had gotten her face in frame!

Then over into the corn field and started eating up the if we don't have enough deer doing this already!

Okay seriously, what a crazy Canuck he ate all the pig's food!

Then he tried to climb one of our maples and broke it....or what that the storm???

Moral of the story, we need a fence up North!
But really, if you ever get a chance to go to a show in the Northwest and get the pleasure of a Canadian invasion, you will never have more fun! They are a FANTASTIC bunch, duct tape and all, and the BEST FRIENDS!
AND they helped my Blackhawks get the Cup! WHOO HOO

Sunday, June 20, 2010

NAN auction, all done!

WOW what a two weeks! Between the storms, sick horses, a trip out to the Potato Head's house (oh don't worry you know who you are) that I have a bunch of pictures to post too, Mountie the Moose tearing up my farm, but look! Its finally done!

This set is the most hours I have ever put into a NAN piece, but I want the set in Lisa's memory to be something special. All the colors were focused around the breastcollar set. Which again, I can't thank Kathy Wiggins enough to donating the halter and breastcollar set. The camel mold was way more work than I expected, but it does work (they are rough though) and the camel in this set is the very first cast. Well technically second, wait till you see the first one! These pics have to go off to the auction coordinator today, but I wanted to post them here first.
This is not the final doll though, his clothes were still tacky and we have more storms moving in so I wanted to take pictures before we got hit again.

The arabian dancing stallion should be a ton of fun in performance. This caramel chestnut color is a personal favorite, since its similar to my real purebred Gold N Ali daughter!

Okay so just imagine the spruce trees are palms....what can I say we don't have too many palm trees in Northwest Illinois!

Tomorrow will post pictures of the camel, the original Imafam, the remake of the breyer FAM is a little beat up from the mold making process, but she will be back at breyerfest this year...please let me know what you all think!

Friday, June 4, 2010

NAN auction

Well I wanted to do more this week, but thanks to a nasty electrical storm my satellite connection wasn't working! But wanted to show off the NAN piece I am finishing up this next week. This set is called "The Journey" and is a tribute to a dear lost friend of the hobby, Lisa Salamandick. Lisa lost her battle with cancer last year, and I will go into the full story of how I got to know her later....but she so loved arabians, especially dancing horses. So the horse of the set is a drastically remade breyer lonesome glory into a fiery dancing stallion. The set comes complete with halter and breastcollar set made by Lisa herself...generously donated my uber gal pal Kathy Wiggins (who I would be lost without!)
Here is the head, its a remade PAM head and I did a mane and tail full of action to really make him dramatic

Full body shot, he is doing a correct spanish walk, think of all the fun he will be to show!
And the matching camel, this is a remake of a breyer FAM, no joke! I showed her at Breyerfest last year and she was a huge hit! Now the set comes with a resin copy, the only copy that will be sold to the public!

Here is the poor thing under rubber, casting next week! Gotta run for today, its getting ready to storm again I have to unplug everything so it doesn't get fried again, let me know what you think!