Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming Soon!

They are starting to pink...anyone what to guess what color the studio is going to be?

Several people have asked for more pictures of Zips Painted Chic, here are some I took in the studio. She has a banded mane, braided forelock, and show sheened mane and tail for that show ring look. Again she is multi NAN qualified in halter, workmanship, and performance!

Whoops, didn't mean to do this one again, but wanted to offer a special price of $900ppd for blog readers! This price won't be posted anywhere else, so you have to mention the blog to get it!

And coming up, a step by step doing a new head and neck on a Arabian...and a hair job to boot!

Saturday, January 22, 2011



Nature is amazing to me. You would think that the cold is hard on little ones, but these two don't feel the cold, they really are half teddy bear!

Will the house remodel being way more than I thought with all the little improvements we have made, I am forced to sell off some of my personal show string. I have to get caught up on orders, so its really not fair to make anything new to sell this month, so here goes...I took some of these pictures in the new studio and had to use the flash, so the horses are more shaded and not shiny in person, sorry! Its so darn cold here I don't see me getting outside to take any other ones for a while!
First a sales piece for a friend, Nefertiri is a mulit NAN winner in halter and workmanship, qualified for 2011-2012. Her owner never showed her in performance, but I am sure she would be awesome! $700ppd

Wap Diva, already a live show champ in halter and workmanship, I haven't had the chance to show her in performance. She is a memphis belle resin with a whole new head, remade by me and painted my D'arry, sale price $800 ppd

Ouch this hurts...the amazing Zips Painted Chic...she has been all over my blog and is NAN qualified in halter, workmanship, and performance for 2011-2012. Lady Phase will a whole new head remade by me and painted by D'arry $1100ppd

And Darrit, he has won all over, including a championship at Breyerfest in performance. NAN qualified in halter, performance, and workmanship for 2011-2012. These two really need to go to NAN this year! Have more pictures of them if you like, these guys are proven winners in the biggest competition! Darrit is $1100ppd

Once I get caught up I will have some new sales pieces, but I hope some of you out there going to NAN this year will take these guys out there and kick some butt

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back On Line!!!

Sorry I have been gone so long! With the house redo we had to disconnect our satallite cables for a while, so I haven't been able to upload pictures or work at all in the house! But I finally have a little work space back and we have extensions running out to the living room finally back to making some Purdy cool stuff!
Look my dream came true, a PINK HOUSE!!

Just kidding! If you ever choose to remodel an old house, be prepared for all kinds of surprises. False walls and ceilings, bizarre or non existant insulation, no square corners...but Kevin Wolf and Sons, the contractor we are working with, are doing an amazing job despite the crappy weather. The porch won't go on for a while yet, but you can see the shape of the new addition. The master bedroom is the room to the left.

This is my little bit of space I reclaimed. I have been sculpting in the basement and painting upstairs since the basement is too cold and dusty since we redid the floor due to flooding a year ago. But this dining room was the only entry way into the addition once the walls went up. We had to empty it for them to bring materials in to turn the corner into the new addition. They have everything in place now and the drywall is being finished, so I finally got my table back up last week. All my new bathroom fixtures and lights are still in here, but its better than nothing. Now its time to catch up!

Here is what the studio look like from the outside. That window is five feet tall and I have an amazing view of my horses in the pasture, my dream is almost here!

The studio isn't lit up yet, but its 200 sq feet, complete with a spot special to take pictures in!

This was the old laudry room and the entry into the studio. I decided to move the laundry downstairs so I wouldn't have to squeeze past it to go through the door. Once we took the washer dryer out, we found that it was a false wall behind them! So we opened it up and I know have a 50 sq foot prep room that will have its own work skin and storage!
I am finishing up some orders the next few weeks, then stay tuned for some amazing pieces that I will show this spring and can be purchased and taken to NAN 2011!
Tomorrow new baby pictures, the girls are getting weaned, should be fun.......hope the fences hold