Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Well you had to see this coming.......Mieka in Pink! Actually she loves clothes and gets all excited when you hold something out for her. So needless to say I love buying the outfits! She is doing super after a trip to my vet. She had developed an upper respiratory infection (probably a reaction to the Kennel cough shot she got at the shelter) and she was a bit constipated, but she recovered well from that and we had a wonderful first Christmas together. She is still underweight and her skin is slowly recovering, but considering this is her third home in couple weeks time she is adjusting really well.

She and the kittens (they were dropped off with their mother this past summer, mom was too dehydrated to save but the three siblings are wonderful, anyone need a house cat?) have decided being Purdy rescue cases isn't such a bad life!

Mieka loves laps, if you sit, she will cuddle! Payton has more fun dressing her than I do, if you can believe that.

Okay okay, horse stuff! This one is a trade order for a wonderful tack piece I can't wait to get. I have to really want something to willingly hair a model. I swear it looks like I skinned a raccoon by the time I am done and more hair is glued to me than the horse.

This next one (sorry for the repeat photo) is one that I am just loving...the new Eberl pony remade to a bowing circus pony mare! She isn't done yet so the Zombie blue eyes are a bit creepy, but I think she will be a blast to show. And yes, she has a bow in her forelock...hmmmm wonder what color it will be?????

Her mane was something new. I decided to fishnet the roots for the mane to have a polished, ready for the center ring look. I will have colored bands on it when its done, again, what color???

An encore not really, just added the picture twice....

Wonder what ever happens to all those Keltic headless bodies I have? I used that Memphis Belle head I had and it fit the body perfectly, for something you rarely see, a warmblood mare from the Keltic mold. I am very happy with how she really looks like a mare, and a great performance prospect at that! She still has detail work needed, but I liked the blood bay color for a change.

If you are interested in the warmblood or the pony I am open to offers until they are completed, just email me at

Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Story

I have already had the best Christmas surprise, and its all Jen's fault.....
I know many of you that read this blog read Jen's, and know how her family lost their beloved pet Basil. Losing a loved one, two legged or four, is never easy. I lost my dog Mieko two years ago now. I loved him so much that every time I tried to get a new dog, all I could do is cry. My girls have been dying for a house dog (Mieko was a Husky/Malamute cross, not a lap dog) and I kept promising we would get one. It just never felt right. Every time I looked at a puppy all I could do was cry about how much I missed Mieko. It probably didn't help that right after I lost him my parents split up after 33 years (my step father adopted me). It been a very difficult past two years. Well yesterday, I got a reminder that when sometimes it seems like things are just being taken away, that if you keep strong the world finds a way to give back, and its all Jen's fault....
I drove down to a Petco (about an hour) to get Jen's boys a gift card to spend on a new pet's supplies. We only have a Petsmart here in town. I dropped the girls off at Mom's and was going to do a little Christmas shopping too. I walk in and there is this darling little dog. Perfectly trained, just looking at everyone walking by as she sat patiently on a leash next to a table. I knelt down and she crawled in my lap. I just assumed she was the lady's pet. The lady said she was up for adoption.....what? It was the local animal shelter that happened to be visiting the Petco. The dog had just been dropped off two days before. The family, also with two young girls, lost their home and had no choice. I can't explain it, but looking at that face I felt rescued......

So many hours later, a cell call to my vet for references, paperwork, trips to multiple stores for supplies, I came home with Avika, now Mieka. She is three years old, perfectly trained, a non stop cuddle bug, even trained not to bark. I still can't get over the fate of this little angle ending up in our home, thank you Jen, this is all your fault!
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Show Report

Yesterday I got to go to one of my favorite shows of the year, the December "Pot Luck" No Frills show. A wonderful day of showing, good friends, and eating, who could ask for more? These "little" shows have gotten to the point where they are packed and the competition is at the same high level you would see at any live show. This picture was a true highlight of the day. Chris was there with all of her Purdy ponies...does anyone else see a disturbing trend here?

All I can say is thats what happens to you after years of being a middle school band teacher!

I am loving this Indian Silver remake. "Silverado Alibey" is so much fun to show in performance. Here he is showing of the stunning dark brown Shannon WP set

Then he won the incredible harness class with his Buxton harness. The entries in this class were amazing. I have rarely been to a live show with so many nice harness entries! I was honored to win it.

This endurance set is one of my favorite Buxton tack pieces.. Its amazing and so realistic looking! I feel so lucky to have it. I do need a better doll for my late fall endurance ride, but thats coming soon.

He looks stunning in his arabian costume too! He won this class, was champ in this division, reserve in western, and was Overall Reserve Performance Champion.

And the new "Waseeka's Purdy Rouge"? Watch out for him and Rachel at NAN, he is going to be a performance star!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More new goodies!

SQUEAL!!!!!! I am finally getting more into mini performance, and look at what I picked up at the post office today!!! This AMAZING set done by Rachel Pierce, and its PINK!!! I did the pebbles pleasure morgan wearing the tack (CM from the arab mare), in exchange for this to die for tack!!! I have another set from her I will photograph at the show. Rachel, you truly have a gift for this, this mini tack is as detailed and stunning as any tradition tack out there!

Okay, so here is where everyone is at, the mini 3 gaiter is done excet for her base, $325ppd

The Scarlet stallion is already on his way to his new home....finished pictures will go up later

The Fjords are sold, and will be showing this weekend

And I finally painted that remade Indian Silver, I am thinking he will be a great performance arabian. It took me a couple of days just to do his flea bites, and his mane, tail, eyes and hooves are not done yet but will be tomorrow!

More tomorrow to bed!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale!

I can't even say how happy I was to finally get those orders in the mail this past week, whoo hoo! Finally, I am working on getting some remakes done on the endless supply of bodies in my scary basement. First is a mini scarlet remade with a whole new studdy neck and checks (and privates) into a flashy Belgian show stallion! He still needs his fine details painted, but his preview price is $400ppd in the lower 48.

This one is the very limited Carlee Balding (sp?) I think morgan mare originally re sculpted with a neck neckline, roached mane, new tail, hoof pads and long toes into a 3 gaited ASB mare. Her details and base are not done yet (she is removable from base) and her tail still has to be shaded and highlighted, but her preview price is $325ppd

This is a wonderful show saddle by Eric Corbett that I never use. Comes with a leather cinch and fancy breast strap. Totally LSQ, I just never use it and its a waste sitting here. No bridle, (that piece I use all the time ;)) $160ppd.

This is another awesome set I don't use. I never sell my Shannon tack, but again, its a waste just sitting here. I got this set paired with another of hers that I do use, so I hope someone will get is and show it like it deserves. It has cool saddle bags and breast collar, and I am throwing in a cool braided bridle to go with it. It does need a cinch and reins. $150ppd

This last two may or may not be available, right now they are on hold, but let me know if you are interested in the uber cute Fjord set. Baby isn't done yet, I think she needs to be silver grulla, don't you think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am sooooooo happy to get some long overdue things done! First, some good pictures of the ranch type rabicano stallion. I am very happy with how his color turned out. He is still available for $550 plus postage.

His mane and forelock are all tack friendly, I think he will be a blast to show in performance too!

Some close ups of the hair details.....

These guys have been in the works for forever it seems! The big saddlebred is going to Germany and the custom PS warmblood is going to Cristina Brown in England in exchange for the most amazing harnesses. I can't wait to get my latest piece of Tiny Tack!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Show Report

In the midst of Scholastic Bowl kickoff month, I did go to the GLC No Frills yesterday for an awesome day with great friends. I finally delivered Chris's long awaited Historical Spanish stallion...with bows of course!

I got the great pleasure of seeing Karen Beeson's new dapple grey she just finished. The paint work on this horse is amazing, he really looks like a real grey horse. I wish I had the talent to paint something like this, I go cross eyed just looking at the detail work! He was overall resin champ, a very well deserved win.

I did get this new guy done. He was on my blog a while ago unpainted. I wanted him to look like an older stud horse, something that could really work on the ranch. I decided on a dappled bay rabicano....*bad flash drowns out the color

I like the way the rabicano turned out. I will be showing this guy in halter and performance at the December show, and he is available for sale at $550 plus postage.

I did have photos of my CM champs, but for some reason they were all rather blurry. This week I am mailing off some long awaited oversees horses and look forward to getting more sales pieces done for the holidays. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still Alive

This school year is turning out to be quite the new models this post, but just wanted to let people know that I am working on things, but my day job and kids have kinda taken over right now. Payton is in Kindergarden this year and had her first Halloween school party. Thats the little diva in the wedding dress. Needless to say, Dad just growled when she picked it out!

This year I am the head coach for my school's Scholastic Bowl team. We had our first tournament this past week and won. I hope this is the first of many victories for Purdy's Nerdies!

Then there were teacher conferences the past two weeks as well. Thankfully all Chemistry students are in one piece so far......knock on wood.....

Ira is getting bigger by the day. I put Sassy back in with Lumi to rebreed her and obviously he is the better parent. He is the one that stays next to her when she naps. You can see mother is no where to be found...

A bit later....still no mom around.....there was a faint drizzle so Her Royal Highness was probably in the barn leaving Ira with her father.

Can't you hear her say....."Do you know where my mommy is?". She is such a chunky monkey for a month old!

New models next week! Included is a warmblood mare made from a Keltic Salinero and a totally new head, she will be a stunning performance horse!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quarter Horse Congress

This weekend at the Quarter Horse Congress show I got to compete for an overall performance award which I haven't done since Breyerfest....and it went well! Thank you Shannon for this stunning western set which helped Plaudit Princess to her big win! This little gal is going to be owned by Shannon and me until after NAN when she will go home with Shannon to stay. After all, her head did come from Shannon's Flash model......

With work I haven't gotten much of a chance to show, but this past weekend I managed to tie work into a show weekend. I was at University of Illinois this Friday doing a leadership program with a former student, and then traveled onto Columbus, Ohio for the Quarter Horse Congress Live show. If you ever get a chance to go to this show its AMAZING to see the level of the Quarter Horse show world and get to show models while watching the best of the Quarter horse world walk by the door. This Lusitano is a CM I did from and ISH and was one of the few new beasties I managed to get done the past few months. He won both halter and workmanship (NANd) for his breed. He is for sale at $750.

The halter day was great, with Mole Bait getting overall Grand and my big walker Freedom Generator getting overall reserve. The awards were beautiful custom glazed mugs from Pour Horse with the Congress Show logo.

My walkers cleaned up their division, little Pushin the Moon held her own against the big guys!

A close up of Plaudit Princess in the amazing tack Shannon made. The carving on this saddle is so stunning!

Well I didn't mean to do this twice, but really, the set is incredible. The Congress Queen stopped by and she actually pick it out of all my tack and went on and on about how much it looked like a real saddle, and she is right! The show got over late and it was a full day with halter and performance, but I am sure pictures will be up on the web from other showers. If you can be in Columbus next year for this show you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Purdy Spectacular

Needless to say, these are way better than model photos! I do have a couple new customs I will put up this weekend, but I have been rather distracted the past 10 days. First, my beloved Morab mare, Jericho's Royal Secret (Sassy) foaled a stunning cremello filly last Saturday! What is amazing, is even though she is cremello with ice blue eyes and all, she is still dark enough to see her cool sabino markings and zig zag blaze. Her name is "Royal Iridesence" aka. Ira

Nope, not the same baby! My quarab mare, a great grand-daughter of Doc O Lena, "Docs Purdy Diana" had a cremello colt! Diana get her name from my mother, Diana, since she was born on my mom's birthday, November 17th.....

Now thats cool enough, but her colt was born on October 4th, which is Julia, my oldest daughter's birthday!!!!!! Hows that for Karma??????? Poor Diana, she is just 14.2 and he is huge!

These were taken today so he is just two days old. His name "Julianesence". aka Julian

And the girls from last year....Dee Dee looks just like her Aunt Sassy at a year

Cee cee is quite the pretty young thing but soooo full of herself. She is pale palomino, and you can see, Ira is just as dark as she is!

My wonderful Lumi, Amberfields Luminesence, sure earns his keep!