Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Even more!

This will be the last pre Breyerfest post, I have to start organizing and packing otherwise I will never fit the Potato Head in the car....(Shannon)! First tonight is a breed that I have rarely seen done, which is a shame since they are such an elegant carriage breed. This is Copernicus, a Gelderlander stallion.

 He is done with traditional european braids, and a banded tail with a shaved top. He would be cool in performance too! This is an Idocus with a Keltic head
 Love those minis! I so adored that Teke mare I did a while back, I thought she needed a mate, so Svetsky was born
 This metallic buckskin was made from the new breeds of the world TBs
 Lastly, one of my personal showstring. I had done Khemonahar Ali for myself, with a Khemosabi body and a Nahar head (the other half of the broken resins that made Naharsabi), but with the new central air we put in the house this summer, something has to give. He is a proven multi Live show performance champ with halter wins as well. He has many NAN cards for next year, and will be showing this year in several classes.
 His buckskin silver dapple color would be a dream horse of mine, and was based off a silver dapple buckskin Morgan mare I know.
 He can be purchased ahead of time and shipped, or picked up at NAN. He comes with his Khemo base and his custom trail base pictured above (16x20, has a stream jump he is galloping towards). Price is $900 if picked up at NAN, shipping will be done on quote.
 He is a great show horse! If he doesn't sell, I will not be sad! I also have some tack, dolls, and unpainted resins that will be there as well, can't wait to see you all!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Previews!

So here is the next batch of goodies. For the new horses, I haven't got prices figured out yet, if there is a horse you would really like to know about, please email and I can give you an idea. Again, the new horses can not go into your possession until after the Breyer show next Friday and are not available until the opening of the Artisan Hall on Thursday. They can be put on hold with a deposit until after the breyer show.
First up, a Wixom drastically redone to a charging Comtois stallion. I just love this breed, mainly for its amazing bay silver dapple color it is famous for. He has a full mane, docked tail, and yes, a bit of space behind the ears and  under the forelock if you wanted to do Full Metal Jousting!

 "Descarte"....the only french science like person I could think of...
 This color is done in acrylics and oil pastels, one of my favorite colors to paint!
 I have said before how much I love the new Breyer minis-they are so much fun to work with! This is the stock horse, totally redone with a new neck, banded mane, braided forelock, show tail, resculpted face, and a MARE! This frame overo+sabino pattern took forever, but I like the contrast with the dove grulla base color.
 She should be able to hold her own against the big boys! "Ima Dunnin Paint"
 Lastly, a proven Champion from my own showstring. I had planned on this being an exact portrait of the great Zenyatta, but with NAN show rules I found out I couldn't do that. So I changed up the color and socks a bit, but this fiesty TB mare is still full of glorious dance and snort. Multi Live show champion "Zenyatta Too" will be showing at NAN, but not at Breyerfest since she was overall Reserve Champion last year. For this reason, she can be sold ahead of time and picked up at NAN or mailed right afterwards, or purchased at the Artisan's Gallery. If you want her ahead of time her price is $750ppd and would need to be paid for before I leave next Saturday.
 She has tons of halter and workmanship cards for next year's NAN. I never did show her in performance but she would be a blast in race set ups!
She even has race shoes on! I used the TWMHC thin shoes on her since they look the most like a race shoe to me.
Even more tomorrow!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Breyerfest 2012 Preview

Finally! Back on line with this years Breyerfest showstring! I have been totally slacking on the blog, as is evident by the fact I had to figure out the new format, so hopefully this works. I will be posting the new pieces a few at a time this week, I have quite a bit done for this year and hopefully a little something for everyone! First up is a Lonesome Glory remade into a metallic sooty buckskin Nez Perce mare, and she is neighing for added expression. I call her "War Cry"

 This was a fun piece to do, I wanted her to be full of expression
 I think she will be fun in performance too, can you imagine her in Indian Costume?
 Next is "Cody", a cute performance minded Quarter Pony gelding in bay roan
 The ultimate youth performance pony!
 This is also a Lonesome Glory, but with a PAM head! "Marana" is designed to be a superior arabian performance horse
 Those flea bites took forever!
 And some minis, this time I remade them into something that was different, like this guy, now a dappled palomino Lusitano stallion with bullfighting braids and ribbons in traditional colors.

If you like these guys, there are more to come, and you have to come get them in the Artisan Hall starting Thursday! They can't go with you until after the Breyer show on Friday, but they will all be for sale. Email for details, and stay tuned for more tomorrow and every day this week!