Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Customs!

As promised I am working hard to get new pieces out. The school year is in full swing, and before I settle in to a long day of grading lab reports, I wanted to get these new guys up. Enjoy!
First on the list is a proven show horse, who NAN qualified at the highly competitive Meows and Minis show just a few weeks ago. Yep, he's a mini, can you guess what he was????? 
This is the pebbles PS arabian mare with the saddlebred head!

 Now a stunning Morgan stallion!  I made him to look like the "Ideal Morgan Stallion" painting for the AMHA.
 This has to be my favorite Morgan color, dappled liver chestnut...
 Tons of detals, and what a face! $475ppd in the lower 48 states.
 I get asked all the time for custom orders, and I really do appreciate the interest, but its just too hard to keep up with them. I will do a custom trade for tack I want (my addiction can not be told no), but other than that I just can not accept. BUT...I have decided to start posting all the new pieces in first coat primer. What that means is they still need a few days of tweeking and sanding, but blog readers can custom pick a color! I go in spurts, this past few weeks I remade items, now for the next couple I paint. I am planning on taking these guys to QH congress in a few weeks, so if you would like to pick a custom color for them you can, and I will show them for you if desired.
First up, this is the BOTW Toitalis.... Hard to believe isn't it? I just love this mold! This guy is now an iberian warmblood, all of his legs and feet have been redone into a forward working trot, and he has a new fishnet mane, more iberian profile, and new tail. He will be on two little bases, not the pop lids of course.
 His hooves have all been redone as well, so no more thick reulpted on clumpy shoes, I plan to add real metal shoes.  $450 solid color choice, other colors on quote
 This is an ISH totally redone into a lovely mare. Longer back, totally new neck, mane, and tail, and a new feminie face.
 I wanted her to look like a super sweet, calm mare that has seen and done it all. $650 solid color choice
 This is the Breyer Bluegrass Bandit with the new Kristina Lucas mule head. Now a gaited Molly mule, what a fun performance mule!
 This is such a neat head, I make my own ears though, on metal armature so they are very sturdy.
 $650 solid color choice, other colors on quote
Postage depends on where you live, time payments are available on agreed terms. For the custom colors, minimum $200 down.
Thanks so much for looking!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Show Pictures

Sorry for the mess! I have no idea what I did with that last post! Here is the BOTW appy mare.

 She won the western division championship at Meows and Minis, thank you to Rachel for the awesome tack and to DArry for my rider! She is for sale at $450. NAN qualified in halter and performance
 This guy is NOT for sale, I was just so happy to get the remake done! Altivario II will be showing with me for this next season. Look for him at NAN 2013! Road Trip!
Scroll down below for my lab picture, I am rather proud of it! Starting next week, all new customs will be posted on the blog first for at least a day before an ad goes up on sales pages, so if you subscribe to the blog you will get first chance at the new pieces.
More pictures this weekend...a stunning arabian halter mare and gaited mule coming soon!

Mission Accomplished

This past year has been crazy to say the least. I finally took over the Chemistry classes after ten years of waiting, and walked into a lab that was so out of date and cluttered that it made performing simple labs exercises difficult. I was given a big reward the other day when my Chemistry II students and the new lab made the front page of the area paper. There is still more to do but now I can concentrate of the further developement of the class cirriculum.

 Here are a few new pics for the day. The little appy is a remake of the breyer BOTW mold into a mare. She has a whole new head tuck

 and is NAN qualified in halter and western performance.

So sorry for the messy post, I can not get this computer to let me insert text inbetween photos! The appy mare is for sale at $450.T
he bowing andalusian is NOT for sale, he is a remake I have been wanting to finish for the longest time, and now Altivario II can finally hit the show ring!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to Business Updates

Breyerfest and NAN were awesome! I wish I had gotten more pictures, but will try to post some whenever I can the chance. My camera wasn't working, and I was running around too much to take good pictures anyway. Thank you to all who have sent some to me, and I will start posting them!
I got back from Kentucky to a lab that wasn't quite done and school starting in three weeks. Turns out the plumbing was so old in my building it was way more of a redo than expected. The past six weeks were a bit of a scramble,  but after the first four weeks of actual school things are finally starting to run smoothly.  I figured it was time to catch up on the models! I was just at Meows and Minis last week, so here are some new minis for sale. This first guy got left at home sadly, but he is a drastic custom of the new Breyer BOTW mustang!

 I think he would make a great Highland pony too.....Tons of details in this guy, I redid the whole neck, mane and tail, and redid the hind pasterns and left foreleg so he was in a playful running pose. $350
 This is the new BOTW drafter with a whole new right from leg! I took it off at the shoulder and reattached it at the correct location, and stretched out his foreleg for a more foreward trot.
 Took him off the base and a flashy paint job so now he is a Drum horse! $425
 This guy was a way drastic redo, the BOTW andalusian completely repositioned into a historical spanish horse
 Super detailed paint job, deep violet bows
 And a correct spanish trot! NAN qualified in halter for 2013-2014       $450
Postage not included, email for details
 Here is one photo sent to me by Marylyn Fowler, I have been wanting to make this scene for years, and it helped me win the Breyerfest overall performance championship for the second year in a row! Special thanks to Jen Buxton for all the other tack I used in this division and Sue Glandon for traded me for the incredible backdrop!
More pictures soon, and wait till you see what made the front page of the local paper!