Sunday, February 26, 2012

Show Report

The show was a blast yesterday, but sadly I didn't have my memory card in my camera and being the dork that I am, apparently only a few of the pictures I took actually saved on the camera. Sigh, and yes Jen, I know you are rolling your eyes.....
I did get Moonpie's circus set up done. She won her costume class, but I can only imagine how neat she will look in her Buxton circus set! This doll is a temporary one made from some Barbie clothes. That so stressed out Payton that I cut up Barbie clothes that I had to give her the doll this morning! Eventually Mieka will be the dog, Gizmo is a cart dog afterall.

I did get Jen's new guy under saddle. This tack set up was made by Kathy Wiggins and won a National Championship in 2009. I still need to get his shoes on...whoops, knew I forgot something! Since Jen hadn't told me otherwise, I showed him as Fred. Okay just kidding, I got the text, this is Estudioso.

Here you go Rachel! I tried on my tack set on the new Breyer QH and I think it looks amazing! This set up actually got second in a big pleasure class. I just love this mold!

My new Morab, Khemonahar Ali was overall Performance Champ and NANd in halter. This guy is one of the few I really have made just for me. The show hack bridle looks amazing on him!

I am taking the next week to finish up some trade models, then some new pieces will be offered. Thanks again for looking!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Minis!

These new minis are so much fun! They are close to being done, so I redid the prices and here they are
First up, the andalusian off his base with new ears. Now a stunning mulberry grey $300

The TB drastically redone to an Akhal Teke mare in golden dun $325

The arab, with new turned back ears, and more details and fullness added to the mane and tail $250

The ASB off his base, will have clear pegs in the hind feet instead of dimes, braids will be blue and white but can be changed on request $275

The stock horse, this is such a well conformed model. Off the base (feet all had to be resculpted) and refined ears. Now a deeply dapple sooty buckskin $300

Postage will vary depending on where they are going, remember these guys are minis and will compete in the customs!!!

Any questions just ask, these guys are going to a show this Saturday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

CMs for sale

Sorry its been so long, I was in the height of our Scholastic Bowl season (which has been awesome, I have the privilege of coaching the best team anyone could ask for). We have our conference championship tomorrow, then will have to see how Regionals goes, but I have managed to get a few things done. I
If you like minis, you will love this, these are all the new breyer pebbles/LB size resins I just got. So these guys will show in the CM division! Its not easy getting them off the bases, but they look like totally different horses without them.
First up is the ASB. This model is stunning by itself. I took him off the base and re sculpted the front feet to have pads and long toes. He will have clear pegs in his two hind hooves to make his gait correct. I refined the ears and removed the logo. I am planning on dappled palomino....$300

The arab needed her ears redone, so now they are flipped back and entirely new. I added to her mane and tail and re sculpted her nostrils. I am thinking light dappled grey $275

The stock horse is just fantastic conformation wise. I removed him from the base and redid his ears. Grulla paint for this guy $325

This one got a real redo, the TB had a rather flat neck, so he got a total redo, new ears, new tail, off the base, now a snotty Akhal Teke mare! $350 golden metallic dun.

Here is Khemonahar Ali, now a silver buckskin morab. Still needs his mane and tail shaded, but he will be going to the show this weekend. I did not get an spanish mini yet, in that box was a ASB!!!!!! I was very disappointed with the mix up, hopefully the dealer straightens it out. I am curious to see if anyone else has that happen where the box is for one resin but there is a different one inside.

More later with week when they are painted, in progress right now, hope you like them!