Friday, July 30, 2010

NAN 2010

I miss out on getting a lot of pictures, I showed in way too much performance (which I always do) and totally forgot my camera on the second day. But here are a couple I got. This one was a favorite. The model is a Zara that was missing a leg that I redid to look like my real morab mare, Jericho's Royal Secret (see real horses, this is Sassy).
This costume was made by my BFF Kathy Wiggins as a bit of a joke at my ridiculous leopard print and pink fetish. She took a Lisa Salamandick halter and breastcollar set and went crazy. Its so cool and sparkly! I did the doll. This was a huge class but a great example of how something a little different thats well documented can do well. The documentation has real "Hollywood" style half arab youth entrants pictured. If you want to see amazing though, check out the NAN website and see what won champ, that set up that won is a true piece of art. But I was so happy to have my "real" horse and something made by a dear friend do so well. To me silver was gold on this one! AND Sassy got reserve champ in breed! Turns out she is a great show mare just like her namesake!

Remember Anne Nicole? She won champ in parade last year (yes the flag in the wrong hand, the doll broke the right hand right before the class and the laminated reference pic had the flag in it, but it was a rodeo setup, not a formal parade class but still, I did know better, I just didn't know what to do with that reference sheet, that why I don't laminate them anymore, something you need to make last minute changes!)
But anyway, Anne Nicole lives with her new owner now, who shows her to death and does great with her, which to me is a great compliment! Shannon thought it was funny that I beat myself in this class (Lady Liberty top tenned) but really, Colette won this all on her own. This brown parade set looks amazing with her.
I love this set up! Kathy Wiggins made the tack, I made the bull (from the Herden steer) and the horse (remade Keltic Salinero), Joan Yount made the doll, and Kevin McFarland made the wall.

Lastly, a real highlight from the halter day. The American Gaited class was so crazy big, ASBs and TWH did NOT get split like in previous years, and there were over 40 horses listed for the class (not sure how many were there in the end). Champ was Lady Liberty, and reserve was Sultana Santana, a rejoice with a ruffian head I did four years ago now owned by Beth Lamm, whoo hooo!
Thanks to Karen Meekma for the pic, I didn't have my camera this day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Showstring 2010

My model year goes from Breyerfest to Breyerfest, and I often sell much of my showstring at the end of the show year. But this one is just for me. Three years ago my oldest daughter wanted this poster book. While much of it was kinda corny, this one picture jumped out at me. I thought this was make a really neat model horse. When the Breyer Wintersong model came out, I knew I had my victim! It just took me a while to get to her

Many people ask how I do drastic repositions, the key is to know when to cut. If leg has to be moved drastically from the stifle/hip area, its usually easier to cut it off completely and replace with wire. If you don't, you end up with really bulky joints and my pet peeve, rubber band legs (legs without joints)
So here is the body minus the head, and you can see the one hind leg was okay to move, but the other had to be cut off. I use soft aluminum wire for this.

Here is a butt shot of the finished Cornelia Marie. Named in honor of the late Captain Phil from Deadliest Catch (a favorite show)

I added some cute flowers and butterflies to the base, I wanted her to look like a mare just out having fun in the pasture

Her face, I only did minor remaking of the nostrils and eye sockets to make her look feminine. She won her class at the Breyer show...still want to do some more details in her feathers but look forward to showing her for a long time!

I have very few pieces left that I am doing "on orders" and can't wait to have the time to do more pieces that I come up with. Some will be for sale, but some like her will stay at the Purdy Farm.
More NAN pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NAN 2010

Well not to stick my tounge out...but several people have asked what I have still for sale, so here is Paint My Cash...a multi live show halter winner. This year at NAN he top tenned in breed, won the breyerfest paint halter class, and got reserve of his division! He has cards for 2011 in halter and western performance, and a new halter card for 2012-2013. He has a reference sheet that shows how racehorses often have their tounges tied to the side to aid in breathing.

The sun was a little bright, but I customized the bridle path area and forelock to make him tack friendly

A great show proven show horse, $550 plus postage. I can try for better light later on in the week.
Ok now on to NAN, those pictures were suppose to be last!

It is going to take a while to sort through all the pictures, and I didn't get any on halter day, but I can say NAN 2010 went great! Not only for my horses but for many horses I did that are now owned by others. This is the first one I found, little Docs Diana winning non speed games. This is a favorite set up, since the saddle is made by one BFF, Kathy Wiggins, and guess who made the super cute WESTERN bridle??? The goddess of English Tack herself, Jen Buxton! I get to go out to Denver in a couple weeks, so though since she is picking me up, I better put her pics up first! LOL

Here is Quiver, getting Top Ten in dressage with is Buxton set. This set has all gold hardware and is to DIE for stunning!

Now that the chaos is over I hope to begin regular postings. I didn't want to post the new breyer customs I did for the show since I wanted them to be a surprise, but really want to show up the latest drastic custom, Cornelia Marie!
Tune in tomorrow!