Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale!

I can't even say how happy I was to finally get those orders in the mail this past week, whoo hoo! Finally, I am working on getting some remakes done on the endless supply of bodies in my scary basement. First is a mini scarlet remade with a whole new studdy neck and checks (and privates) into a flashy Belgian show stallion! He still needs his fine details painted, but his preview price is $400ppd in the lower 48.

This one is the very limited Carlee Balding (sp?) I think morgan mare originally re sculpted with a neck neckline, roached mane, new tail, hoof pads and long toes into a 3 gaited ASB mare. Her details and base are not done yet (she is removable from base) and her tail still has to be shaded and highlighted, but her preview price is $325ppd

This is a wonderful show saddle by Eric Corbett that I never use. Comes with a leather cinch and fancy breast strap. Totally LSQ, I just never use it and its a waste sitting here. No bridle, (that piece I use all the time ;)) $160ppd.

This is another awesome set I don't use. I never sell my Shannon tack, but again, its a waste just sitting here. I got this set paired with another of hers that I do use, so I hope someone will get is and show it like it deserves. It has cool saddle bags and breast collar, and I am throwing in a cool braided bridle to go with it. It does need a cinch and reins. $150ppd

This last two may or may not be available, right now they are on hold, but let me know if you are interested in the uber cute Fjord set. Baby isn't done yet, I think she needs to be silver grulla, don't you think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am sooooooo happy to get some long overdue things done! First, some good pictures of the ranch type rabicano stallion. I am very happy with how his color turned out. He is still available for $550 plus postage.

His mane and forelock are all tack friendly, I think he will be a blast to show in performance too!

Some close ups of the hair details.....

These guys have been in the works for forever it seems! The big saddlebred is going to Germany and the custom PS warmblood is going to Cristina Brown in England in exchange for the most amazing harnesses. I can't wait to get my latest piece of Tiny Tack!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Show Report

In the midst of Scholastic Bowl kickoff month, I did go to the GLC No Frills yesterday for an awesome day with great friends. I finally delivered Chris's long awaited Historical Spanish stallion...with bows of course!

I got the great pleasure of seeing Karen Beeson's new dapple grey she just finished. The paint work on this horse is amazing, he really looks like a real grey horse. I wish I had the talent to paint something like this, I go cross eyed just looking at the detail work! He was overall resin champ, a very well deserved win.

I did get this new guy done. He was on my blog a while ago unpainted. I wanted him to look like an older stud horse, something that could really work on the ranch. I decided on a dappled bay rabicano....*bad flash drowns out the color

I like the way the rabicano turned out. I will be showing this guy in halter and performance at the December show, and he is available for sale at $550 plus postage.

I did have photos of my CM champs, but for some reason they were all rather blurry. This week I am mailing off some long awaited oversees horses and look forward to getting more sales pieces done for the holidays. Stay tuned for more!