Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rat Poison

Ever felt like this towards your significant other??????? Finally, I got Mole Bait's wife, Rat Poison done! For those of you that know the Mole Bait story, this is pretty much how I felt towards my husband for the next month after "Mole Bait Gate". His response...."Listen, next time I will just use Rat Poison!" . We laugh now, but at the time I was NOT happy!

I wanted a mare that looked like an older mustang mare that has had her share of foals...a bit swaybacked, belly showing the wear of having babies, udder full and and know, how I feel after 29 plus a few cough cough years! Her cracked hoof raised and ready to lay down the law. Shaggy legs not perfect but tough as nails, and will always stand up for what she wants.

I have learned that when you do a personality piece, not everyone will love it. She is not a conformational model (but then again, she is suppose to be a WILD mustang). She was made for the pure joy of making a piece of art with meaning, and I had a blast doing it. She didn't do better than 5th in her class at her first show, and that is just fine. For all the people like me out there that are not professional artists, that always wish and aspire to improve themselves because in our dreams we would love to be such a treasured talent, we still need to remember we do this because its a passion and to let that passion out. For everyone out that that is a collector, collect pieces that you enjoy, and accept the fact that they will not always win. I love this hobby, it makes my sometimes rather tedious and tiring day job tolerable, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Her eyes are half blue and half brown, her teeth yellowed and sloped forward to show her age. "I am woman, hear me ROAR!"

And always treasure the good things in life. Lumi is doing super at his new home. It was hard to let him go, but he will pass on his incredible gifts to more babies and he is loved. I feel like a parent that had to let her baby go to college. I cried, I cried more when poor Cerberus, his gelding best buddy, didn't know what bucket to eat out of for the next few days, but I have four glorious babies here to enjoy.

This will always be a favorite picture of mine, Lumi taking care of Ira. Sue is going to get some new pictures of Lumi in his new place, and I will be sure to post them. The babies here are almost shed out, and I want to show them off too!