Monday, August 30, 2010

Show Report

This is one of my favorite models right now. Zips Painted Chic, a lady phase remade by me and painted by D'Arry. She really is suppose to be a sales horse, but unless its a good offer I plan to show her to death! She won in halter, english, and in the other performance division. There was a gentleman there interviewing people for an article on the Bentlys (of Bently's Sale Co) and he took a bunch of pictures of her, so I hope she gets into the article! One thing I noted is that stock horses show with the point of the shafts much further back than other breeds. I could have slid them back further but it looks strange to me. Any of you stock horse people know why this is? I assume it has something to do with headset and shoulders.....look on google images of stock horse pleasure driving to see what I mean.

A bunch of performance winners. It was a busy day!
These are all mine, granted it was a small performance show but I am still happy with the wins!

I know I already posted plenty of pictures of Gizette, but can you believe that Jen isn't going to get a pink doll to go with her???? really is there any other color?????

Okay enough silliness, here is the QH custom. This is SUCH a fun horse to show. She is a mirror (opposite direction) of Oktopussy, which is also, a great performance horse. I had made her just to campaign to take to NAN in 2011, but there is no way I am going, so she is for sale. She is NANd in halter, western, and other performance if anyone is interested please email me. Price $600 postage paid. Here she is with her extreme cowboy shooting set up, minus the targets

Here she is in barrels. I showed this as a ranch horse versatility entrant since she has her heavier work saddle on.

Okay the last few are from the other show, sorry I reloaded them by accident and can't get them to delete! I will be posting some neat mini customs for sale in the next two weeks that I am taking to the Meows and Minis show, so tune back in for details!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show Report: Buxton Best

After getting to spend an amazing weekend in Denver, with weather and scenery like this, I needed to earn my Buxton keep a bit more. Living in Illinois, seeing something like this is awe inspiring, just what are those bumby rock things called??? Can't see them through the corn here..........

Soo enter Gizette. Gizette is a remade Gizelle (obviously, Jen didn't use a lot of creativity on the name here). The irony is that I made Gizette FOR performance for Jen, then find out the poor thing had been only tripsing about the halter ring. Jen is planning on NAN next year, so I was determined this little mare got to show in some performance events. So I horse napped her (well really its that Jen doesn't have much chance to show performance before next year). Here she is in western pleasure with my new Yount doll. I think she looks amazing under saddle, not that I am biased at all!

In showmanship waiting for the judge to signal the backing part of the pattern....

And lastly costume. Now costume is the performance event Gizette was made for (see Jen's blog about her arabian costume) , but Jen hasn't had the chance. I have the costume and am going to make a youth doll for her, but for now she can wear my "Purdy" costume!
Ironically, she got second to my Haute Ecole costume (they were all mixed together at this show)
Next up is Jennibray. Jennibray didn't get to go to this past NAN thanks to having an ear accident while loading in the car to go (I was beyond upset needless to say). BUT Jen is taking her home and showing her at NAN, or else!!!
or else what good question, not like I could even go without my tack pusher in my life.....LOL

The amazing jump was done by Kim Haymond, all the tack except for the bumper girth was done by Jen. I am obsessed with Jen's saddles, that goes without saying, but let me tell you her boots are just as amazing! My Buxton bumper girth is russet colored which is the only reason I didn't have that one on. I so love my Buxton tack, I seriously can't get over how lucky I am that she has as bad as a model addiciton as I have a tack addiction. Just please, let her never find a model horse rehab! Jen you are so my tack pusher hero!!!!!

More show pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meows and Minis, the story of Pixel

I have a small farm in Northwest Illnois. We have a bit of everything, and a small herd of farm cats. Sadly over the years, with shelters filled all around, so many have been dropped off left to fend for themselves. Last June, my husband and I were outside and we heard a car stopped in front of our house. Thinking nothing of it since many people like to stop and look at the horses, we kept working. Then our cats were freaking out at something in the tree. There was this tiny, terrified kitten. We brought her in the house and she was starved, ate great and went straight to the litter box. So we figured this was someones pet that they decided they couldn't kept. She was so sweet! After a couple of hours I could tell she was actually quite sick. So I took her to the vet and after days of treatment she was doing great and quickly became the house favorite. We named her Pixel because of her unique coloration being all little spots of color. She has grown into the sweetest, most loving pet.

I am sharing this story because I was given the special opportunity to help support the upcoming Meows and Minis show, which is a benefit for a local no kill shelter. Pixel so easily could have ended up fox or coyote food, hit by a car, or die of starvation and illness. We love her in our family, but too often stories like her's do NOT have happy endings. This medallion will be up for auction on the Meows and Minis website, along with another donation I am doing, so please, please donate to worthy cause.
Pixel is not a long hair, but she does have the most shiney, soft fur. I will take more pictures of this medallion in the sun so you can see all the details in her fur and eyes

Thank you again for your support!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show Report

I know I still need to give a report on my Denver trip, which was AMAZING, but wanted to post pictures of the show I went to yesterday. Midwest Model Mania is a big all halter show that is help each year by Mary Lou Mol just outside of Galsburg, Illinois. Now what am I doing at an all halter show...simple, I only live an hour away and its a great chance to visit with my friends all day!
Here are some of the highlights from the day. These Purdy horses were division champs. I didn't paint the little Swaps, just customize him, but the coloring on this guy is something way beyond my ability!
Good Ol Mole Bait, he will be retired once I finish out his Merit Award, and will live in the case my husband made for him. He is the only model my husband has ever paid attention to, which earns him a forever home here.

What an awesome CM day! Sassy got overall champ, and Lady Liberty got reserve! The only kicker on that is Lady Liberty is at Linda's house now. She was always meant to Linda's horse since she came up with the original idea...BUT the whole plan is to have a family, and I get BIG DADDY. I am working on him now, so watch out for Freedom Generator, coming soon!
This is a Smarty Jones I redid into a QH cutting mare. My Oktopussy resin went home to Kathy (well it was her horse....) and I have lots of cool props for a horse in that position, so I did a CM to show, in the opposite direction. Next weekend I plan to show her in performance, and she will be for sale for anyone going to NAN next year, I would like to see her shown there.

A new favorite, this is a lady phase I did with a new head and neck. Zips Painted Chick....can you guess who painted her?
D'Arry did an amazing job on this color. No one else can paint that soft buckskin pinto like she can, I am just thrilled to have this mare to show, watch for her in performance coming soon!

This horse is a remade silver, and was designed to replace a stolen resin for a friend oversees. He has a cool open mouth and is bucking up a storm....and he flys to his new home next week, hope you like him Ann!

I need to win the flash argument with this new camera, sorry the pictures are a little dark.
I am back in school now, so I plan to start posting on a much more regular basis. Since I am not going to NAN next year I am hoping to have many more CMs for sale throughout the show season, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Darcy Done!

I am so looking forward to this weekend! I finally get to meet Jen Buxton in no fun to have a best bud that you never get to hang with! And I get to deliver Darcy to the "other" Jen, although I am sad I don't get to show her at all. I redid the head and ear set on her, and she is a rich dappled bay. I did something different on her, she has a velvet finish with a glossed up mane and tail to really look like a show ring star. Her hooves are "hoof blacked" so that why you can't see nail heads. I also added veins and muzzle bumbs to her. I didn't redo the hind leg, I wanted her to look like my mare often did when shown at halter, all stretch out and feeling full of herself!

Her head from the sise, you can see the neck details I put in

Her show ring "I am it!" look, I even wrinkled the skin around her ear.

Her off side

I think she will be a blast to show! For purchase details, please email me, I am not totally sure what Jen plans, but if you have an offer let me know and I will tell her this weekend. I assume she will be selling her, since this is the copy I finished in exchange for my own copy

Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Training Barn WOW

More years ago than I care to admit, I went to my first model horse show in Champagne, Illinois. There I met D'arry and was amazed at the customs she had. I had been do my own customs growing up, and loved to make costumes for them, but had no idea how drastic customs could be. She had this awesome warmblood custom, Player, that I could not get out of my head. That show and D'arry's work really was the kick in the butt for me to expand on my remaking attempts.
So flash forward....turns out she only live a few hours from me, and we thought it would be cool to do some pieces together. So here is the first one "Dream of Me", a show stopping TB stallion! I took the Breyer Idocus, thinned down the legs, and but a whole new neck and Lonesome Glory head on it. Then D'arry did one of her amazing braid and paint jobs on him. He already is a live show champ in halter and workmanship, and is NANd for 2011 and 2012 in halter and workmanship. He is available for $900 postage paid, and I can continue to show him if the new owner wishes (including performance if you wanted him qualified in performance).
This is a stunning piece, with a soft chestnut color only D'arry can paint.

A cose up of him braids, they are super detailed!
What an expression, doesn't he look like he knows he is the shiznet?

Softly dappled on his barrel and hindquarters, with an awesome pinwheel tail braid

Sure to be a great show horse for years to come!

I have another piece we did, but you will have to wait a bit for that one, she needs some performance showing in my opinion....stock horse people watch out!