Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blankity Blank Bows

I am alive! My day job has totally consumed my life the last month and a half. I changed from teaching Physics to all Chemistry classes (Chemistry is my real passion and what I did professionally before the whole education adventure). Its been a huge transition, I redid the lab and all the curriculum, but I love it! The models haven't gotten to far, but I did manage to completely hose myself with the few I have done since Breyerfest. I got one of the tent ponies and was ever so gently told if I did one with bows this person had to have it. So I said sure, I could do that.....well that was before she was done and I really really really wanted to keep her! But this person is a middle school band teacher, so she isn't the most stable person and knows where I live..........giggle. I mean what kind of person wants me to sculpt bows on the mustang stallion she is having me paint?????? No, I am not kidding on that either!

Princess Buttercup! And yes Jen, I do realize if one doesn't show up in Colorado my tack supply is cut off! Lets just say I was practicing this color for a portrait of a certain palomino in your life!

I am working hard to get this warmblood done so he can go off to England and I can hit Christina up for a new harness!

I have decided to start showing some Pebbles sized stuff, and I finished "Pushin the Moon" a couple of weeks ago. She is a Pebbles ASB with a WB head remade into a Spotted Saddle Horse. She won overall grand at Meows and Minis last week and got a Performance Championship this week with the absolutely adorable kid rider made by D'Arry! I need to make a walker bridle for her (I showed this in walk trot to get away with the snaffle) but its so cute I squealed when I saw it!

I did get this Little Lonestar remake done. I only showed in a few performance classes all day since I was judging a halter division, but he did get two first and a second and is NANd now in English and western. He is for sale at $400 postage paid.

I had my last inspection/evaluation last week till spring at work, and my classes are going smoothly now and my year is planned for curriculum, so I am looking forward to "getting back in the saddle!"