Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show Report, new QH mare

Yesterday I went to a local all halter show. I really am a performance person, but halter shows sometimes are fun, and man is it way less stress! Mole Bait was overall reserve custom champ. He only has a few shows left in his career, then he will be retired. I really need to get his wife, Rat Poison done!

This was by far the coolest horse at the show. He was painted by the amazing Carol Williams. The details in this paint job are unreal. Liz Larose owns this guy and he will be a force to be dealt with in the resin show ring.

My mini andalusian won the spanish class against the big guys. After my show in October in Tennessee, he will have to leave to go to his new home with out West.

And this is Sonny Bar Babe, my new QH mare. She is an ISH with a whole new neck, longer back, resculpted pasterns, and redone head and eyes to give her a soft mare look. The light isn't great today, but I wanted to display her. I had to redo her color a bit last night, in the flourescent lights she was too yellow, but I like her red liver color now.

Sadly you can't see all the dapples along her barrel and flanks in this light, but they are there.

She has details like eyelashes, veining, even little muzzle bumps!

She is for sale as long as I can take her with to my show in October. She is already NAN qualified for 2011-2012 in halter.

Her price is $700 plus postage, time payments are fine as well!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A couple of years ago, I got the idea to do a cute little pony with bows in its hair. I got the idea from the neighbor girls that love to come over and brush the real horses. Little did I know that it would start a stalking case with my dear friend, Chris Wallbruch. Now Chris is obsessed with bows. Little Belle started it. A netsky I did in 2009 which has top tenned at NAN in workmanship and halter.

Then came Aberdale Sunspell, a remade bouncer I did with yellow bows in its hair in honor of Show for the Cure. They were recognizing Childhood Cancers that year, so thats why the ribbons are yellow instead of pink. Chris bought her at the benefit auction for Show for the Cure
So then Chris wanted a new mini. I can't ever say no to her because she might hit me with a tuba....(she is a middle school band teacher, so when you see her, give her a hug and your sympathies) but she wanted it to have bows in its hair. I had a Fenwick I was working into a cute hunter pony, but I said "I am not putting fracking bows in it's hair!"

Well, you can see how strong my will is, so here he is, Frackenbohz, the German bred pony. At least the little bows are pink as all things should be!

I really need to work on what I preach to my students....Just Say No!
Actually, I couldn't be happier than to have the opportunity to do a special piece for a great friend and fellow teacher!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meows and Minis Show report

The show went great yesterday! I am not sure how all the auctions went, I do know that the mini Patty and Pixel set raised $250 for the shelter, which means so much to me. Its always extra special to take part in a show that is for such a great cause. Unfortunatly, almost all my pictures were blurring since I didn't have the micro setting correct on my camera. At the end of the day I figured it out and got this one. That El Salvadoro, my new custom Andalusian, taking overall reserve custom champ to D'Arry great custom appy. Can't complain about getting reserve to that! If you ever get a chance to come to this show its worth the trip. The classes are usually huge, I know that arabian class had over 20 horses in it, the spanish class had close to that number, so wins here mean a lot. All the big mini showers come to this show and the quality of horses is unreal.

The little Fjord pony won is big pony class
This little guy is actually a remade Breyer classic arab foal! Kim Haymond, mini shower crazy person, wanted a remade breyer in Pebbles scale to show. That was a project! This little gal has interchangable manes and tails, and has won overall performance grand champion at Breyerwest. So it was great to see that she keeps on winning for such a great friend.

Hopefully I can gather some more pictures from other people, I have to tell you the story of Frackenbohz!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meows and Minis A and B

Finally, my donation for Meows and Minis is done. This is Patty, a naughty silver dapple pony mare that just rolled in the flower bed, only to brag about it to her pal, Pixel! This is the Breyer mini Highland pony mold with a whole new neck, mane and tail with wild Primrose in her mane and tail. The are not attached to each other, and come with a leopard print and pink pony pouch!
Remember, this is a 100% donation to the no kill cat shelter that Meows and Minis supports. Bids will be taken through the Meows and Minis website, email Chris Wallbruch at

The off side of the pair, please donate to the show, either by bidding on one of the awesome auction lots or just donate, times are tough for all and the shelters are overrun with animals that can't help themselves.
How about "B"? Whats with the name??? Well this summer a feral mom cat showed up and had kittens in our woodpile. We couldn't get anywhere near her, and the kittens all disappeared except this little calico. She is also very tiny, and follow Payton all over outside just desperate for attention, so we brought her into our home. This was right after I got back from Idaho and kept saying "Eh" talking about all my great Canuck friends, so Payton liked it and named her "A". So its only natural that the next outcast was "B". What so cute, somehow Pixel knows that they are just like she was, and she helpts take care of them both. Everyone is doing great!

Here are the minis I am trying to get done for the show, thank goodness I have today off!

lastly I thought I would throw this out there. This is the Breyer new arab mold that I remade to a jumping sport pony. Since I am not planning on NAN this year, I am offering her up for a custom paint job order. I could redo the mane and tail as well, contact me for details if interested.
Back to work, will have more pictures of the minis as they get more done!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meows and Minis, "B"

Hopefully everyone has gotten a chance to read about Pixel, my family's rescue kitty and the star of my donation medallion to Meows and Minis live show. But tonight, I have another heart wrencher story about abandoned felines. After school I got home and was getting stuff ready for the farrier to come out and trim some of the weanlings. My husband was helping me, and together we heard this crying from under the tractor...and look what was there! This darling, TINY girl kitten. A total sweetheart, starving but seems to be healthy, and purred the minute we picked her up. We are too isolated for something this little to make it so far, so she must be another abandoned pet someone didn't want any more. Can you believe it?????

Payton has named her "B"...look at that face!!! How can this happen? Times are tough and shelters are overrun, so please, please try to donate to shelters like the one Meows and Minis is support (check ads on search Meows and Minis)
Here is one of the things I am donating, a portrait of Pixel. You can also bid on a blank medallion which I will paint to look like your favorite kitty!
The real Pixel and B, Pixel is so sweet, she accepts all little ones. This little kitty is so darling, playful, full of can something like this just be abandoned??? She is even litter trained, just like Pixel was. Hopefully she is as healthy as she seems so far. We will watch her closely the next week.

What a face!!! And blue eyes to boot! Not sure if they will stay this blue but who cares????
My horse donation for the show will be done soon, its a mini with a friend....and flowers in the mane! Thats the only hint I will give so far! It will be a 100% donation to the show as well.
Thanks for reading!