Monday, November 5, 2012

Show Report

 Having have a training experience like this???? "Kiss this Lyons" was what happens when D'Arry is left alone too long with my stuff. Don't worry Jen, your beautiful saddle survived! Apparently Rat Poison was not thrilled with the attempt at trying to turn her into a performance horse......she did get overall halter champ though. This weekend I was at the GLC No Frills show in Huntley, Illinois. It was a blast and a much needed break from work to enjoy my model friends.

 This little pebbles morgan (above) is still for sale....any offers? Coppered Brass is NANd in halter and workmanship, I would love to get him into a new show home! Scroll through the blog for more pictures.
 But this morgan was the star of the show!  "Light Brigade" is a CM PS new morgan mold into the perfect show gelding. He has to leave for his new home tomorrow, but wanted to share just how successful a standing model can be shown in performance. Below he is showing with my amazing new Aussie set by Jana Skybova. Here the rider pauses to check the map during a Equitrek competition.
 Here is a studio shot of him, and yes, this is my favorite color of morgan!
 The nice quiet pose is perfect for trail, pleasure, dressage, you name it! I have a couple more PS morgan bodies, the next one will be a more park/halter type mare.
 The past weeks since congress have been crazy busy, quarter tests, new labs to be done, conferences, and oh yes, Halloween. I am not sure who like Treat or Treating more, but these two girls loved dressing up!
Back to work!