Monday, October 15, 2012

Show Report QH Congress

Quarter Horse Congress was awesome! Not only do these gals put on a great show, but the whole atmosphere of the real horse showers, the food, and the shopping make this show a must do every year. However,  I do have to leave the hubby in charge at home. Being a great dad,  he went and got Payton and Mieka's Halloween costumes.  Payton will be one of the characters from Monster High, and Mieka is Sparky from Frankenweine, not sure which of them likes their costume more. What is so funny is that Mieka actually loves to put outfits on, such a little princess!

 Rat Poison was overall grand in halter and workmanship...whoo hooo! She doesn't look very grateful though.....
 My new parade set won its class so now it can go to NAN. D'Arry and I are road tripping out to PA next year, I can't wait!. Hopefully we (okay I) will not eat as much as I did this weekend...the food at Congress is unbelievable. For lunch I ate every type of meat that this incredible real BBQ place had to offer. I think it was only three pounds, D'Arry thinks four...I did let her have one rib
 The little Morgan won its class in breed and workmanship...he is still for sale special price that you will only see here if you read the blog $350!
 AND THE SHOPPING!!!!!! One of my favorite things to see is the Harris saddle booth. I don't ride western, but man do I love the bling! I sooooooo have to have this saddle!!! I think I am going to try it in pebbles scale.....scary!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Off to Congress!

Hard to believe the first quarter of school is already done....the last couple of weeks ended up being a crunch at work, but a fun crunch. My Chemistry II class got to make fireworks (safely) in the new lab, something we never could have done last year, got my quarter assessment written, survived Homecoming week, and FINALLY managed to make something I have always wanted...a pebbles scale parade set!
What Jen didn't mention is how much more I would rather trade for tack than make it. There is a lot of beer, bleeding fingers, and foul words involved when I make tack items, its NOT Purdy! But this is something I have been wanting to do and figured no one would really want to take this one on. Notice, no pink, no leopard...just zebra and lots of bling!
D'Arry gave me the rider that I customized to fit the set. I really am happy with how it turned out, but this in now way fixes my tack cravings. I did get an amazing pebble Australian set from Rachel that I didn't have time to photograph, but its just make the cravings worse and remind me of how much I enjoy getting tack from others!

 The horse is the breyer BOTW warmblood, now an Iberian type warmblood in a forward trot.
 Buckskin going crey has always been a favorite color.....
 Leaving for congress tomorrow, gotta get packing....the ISH and the mule are sold, but this guy is available for $450ppd
Will have internet access while at the show, and have the camera ready this time to take LOTS of pictures of all the horses, including the real ones. If you have never gone to the QH congress show, its amazing! Look for updates on Sunday night!