Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I finally figured out what happened to Shannon..low level radiation exposure! It explains everything, so for you nerds out there this latest friendship tax payment is named
"Polonium 210"

Now this guy may have to stay with me. I did the coon jumping mule and other jumping models before, but not one that is jumping a smaller fence in stride. I wanted to be able to use him in everything, not just english classes or the more restrictive coon jump (they jump from almost a standstill so they take off in a more crouched position)

Can you guess what he is?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


In a couple of weeks the crazies up north are holding a show that I can't go to, sigh, so I wanted to send a piece of Illinois up there to help them out. This is "Moosearabi" a CM weather girl with a stretched out head and redone tail in a soft, fawn buckskin. Contact Bobbie at for details

Shannon is going, and she rubs it in on a daily basis.........One of these days I want to go up there. I went to the Yukon Territory years ago and it was beautiful, I have never seen the part of Canada where the show is.

My real horses??? Well I was hoping to get Lumi going under saddle, but this is what my arena has looked like for the past 6 weeks. Yes, those are out pet ducks and thats marsh grass growing where I should be riding.

Here is another Breyerfest sneak peak. I am really trying to do different things...this is an American Walking Pony gelding, can you guess what he was made from?

Won't this be a fun guy to show????? He is a trad scale pony if that helps!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

NAN raffle!

At first I wasn't going to donate to NAN this year, but when Jen gave my name and agreed to make some tack to go with it, I couldn't say no. With the house I really didn't have time for another new piece, so I thought this mare that I did last year for myself would be a fun piece. This is a nahar body with a khemosabi head, sounds crazy, but both parts came from damaged resins so this gal is proof that you can save anything you put your mind to!

Now in a alert walking turn, she should be a blast for performance! Jen is going to make a showmanship halter for her.

Wonder who this is for, and its not Jen, its for Mrs. Potato Head! This Keltic has been redone to a more forward trot (medium trot/collected instead of passage) so he can be shown in more events, along with a traditional USA style braided mane and all new tail. Wonder why he has an all new tail.....well that story is on Shannon's blog!

He can still be shown with the plastic dish but he will come with a nice resin base as well. Too bad Shannon never posted the pictures of the base she made for this guy at NAN 2009 (when he was an OF), lets just say it was quite the flop! Did you know how soft cured sculpy can get when heated??????

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breyerfest Preview 2011

This year I am really trying to come up with some unique remakes for Breyerfest. One thing I have often noticed is that there are few morgans out there, and the morgan customs that are out there are almost all the english, show ring type. So I thought I would do a western working morgan for a change. Morgans do very well in open competition and many of the working lines look very similar to the same lines the produce the best cutting and working western QHs. In fact, years ago there was cross breeding between the two breeds and you can still see it in today's horses.

This remake is made from four different molds....any guesses? Using parts from different molds not only saves on time, but the finished remake is way lighter than if the mane and tail were sculpted entirely from scratch.

Okay, the mane is easy, Esprit, the tail is Huck Bey's upside down, a PAM head, and an alborozo body! The mane and forelock are away from the body so he turned out very tack friendly. If you look at models like the rose reiner, you can see both breeds have the same round outline. The western morgans will have a bit more cresty neck,dishy heads (but I have seem some baby doll head QHs that I would swear are part morgan or arab), and big morgan eyes.

Here are a couple of the real morgan's I used for reference. Won't this be a fun, different, morgan to show in performance?

People have asked about pre-purchasing the remakes I am doing for Breyerfest...I am still trying to figure out how to do this, I really want the artisan hall to be something special this year, but stay tuned I am still working on it!