Monday, January 21, 2013


 With the new year, I too need to get some backlog done. This guy is the first off the trade list (gotta feed the tack addiction). I just love the Brio resin! Hope you like him Vikki, just can't wait to see the tack. Buckskin silver is one of my favorite colors to paint, I really need to do one for myself. One down, and one to go Vikki!
 Speaking of tack addiction, look what came in the mail!
 I wanted Tiffilicious to have traditional saddleseat tack, so I even got her a new doll, WITHOUT pink! I show her as a Park Pleasure division horse, set tail, but not a five gaiter. Jen, this bridle is fantastic! (as always)
 The hard thing about making her was for her NOT to look like the a I had to stretch out those clock horse legs and refine them. She also had to have new eyes and bigger, finer nostrils. I love the Salinero head, but the saddlebred standard calls for large, expressive eyes and a straight, not convex profile. So her head actually has been totally resculpted. When I did Lady Liberty and Freedom Generator, the head barely had to be touched.
 Finally some better baby pictures of Wap Divana. She is still for sale, but Upwey Brass is on his way to his new home.
 Got a marwari in the works next, stay tuned! Pictures will be on the blog first!
 Wap Divana is qualified in halter and workmanship for 2013-2014

Monday, January 7, 2013

Show Report, new customs!

Well I finally got around to getting something done, its always so busy here around the holidays. I got side-tracked with getting Princess Trillium done (see Jen's blog) and have to crack down on myself to get some trade pieces done this next month. But I did want to get a few new ones for myself done for the show I attended this past weekend up in Wisconsin. This first one is Upwey Brass, a remake of the new stone morgan. He has had his head tucked and turned, new mane and tail, and is a rich dappled bay. He won in halter, workmanship, in other performance and western, so he is multi NAN qualified! He also was overall reserve custom champ. This guy is for sale at $550 plus postage.
 This next one is just for me, I finally got a saddlebred mare done for myself, in of course, palomino! This is a stretched out clockhorse with a redone Keltic Tiffilicious!
 I had to totally redo my parade set just for her with a new bridle, breastcollar, and a new doll!
 This little doll is a stone weanling remake, she won in halter and workmanship, meet Wap Divana! She is also for sale at $500 plus postage. Her blanket has all kinds of hair details and she has itty bitty sporthorse baby braids!
 Just another shot of the morgan, had to show off the new bridle Jana Skybova made it, its just so Purdy!
I will try to get some studio shots done this week, but with school starting again it might be a few days. Here's to a great new year!