Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sleigh Rally Show!

Yesterday was one of the best model horse show experiences ever! Just like I love to go to the Quarter Horse congress live show to see some real horses too, at the Sleigh Rally model horse show you get to watch beautiful sleigh teams perform! I took these with my phone camera, so the light isn't perfect but still I think they are beautiful in the snow. If you read Jen's blog, this one was actually the sleigh that was carrying President Lincoln and his wife. I think they were filming some commercial, this team unlike the others did not stop by the crowds of people for still photos. I chased them through the snow to get this. They are Dutch Harness horses and man could they trot! I was told that this team competed at the World Equestrian Driving Games this past year.
 This was a lovely matched team of warmblood mares. They never missed a step together.
 There was even Skijorring!
 The sleighs were all unique and stunning in their turnout!
 Oh yeh...models....giggle. Purdy Zippin Chic got overall perfomance champ, Jen has more pictures up at , this one was taking to show how helpful Jen's pictures can be....can you spot the Braymere blog photo?
 Purdy Zippin Chic will be available after NAN, but this little winner can go to a new home now. This show was tough since resins and customs showed together, but Purdy Zippin Chic got second in her big halter class and this guy, a repaired HR lippit remade into a Highland pony, won his big class! He is for sale at $500ppd.
 And Vicki's new guy won his class! He sports a new BLM freeze brand as well. Your new guy can come home a winner Vicki!


Elizabeth said...

How is it even possible that I am not mentioned in this entry? Typical!

Vicky said...

WHOOHOOO!!! Thank you so much Tiffany!!!!

I can't wait to see him in person!

How awesome to get to see these sleighs and teams!

Tiffany Purdy said...

Well Liz, I was going to mention you running through the snow with me.....but you were not appropriately dressed....LOL

Elizabeth said...

Yes, we should have worn clothes.

Lindsay said...

I see my hand and shirt behind the Purdy Zippin Chic picture!! I photo-bombed a picture too, but that wasn't shown.

Elizabeth, wish I'd known you were there, I would have said hi! I'm VAFLindsay from Blab.

Tiffany, it was fun to see you again! Are you coming up to CCR?


Vicky said...

I had to come back and drool over my boy some more.

Danielle Feldman said...

Love Purdy Zippin Chic!