Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day! Totilas!

In Northwest Illinois, we always say if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes.....In January we had  days in the 60s, in the past 24 hours we have had 9 inches of snow and its not finished. Ironically, yesterday was the built in snowday for my school, so I have enjoyed an extra two days off this weekend! I got caught up on grading and got some studio work done.

 Mieka however, is not a fan of this snow. Its as deep as she is tall, and it sticks all over to her fur! While we are grateful for the much needed moisture, we are not looking forward to this weekend with the warm temps and rain that will melt this all at once. Sure is pretty now though isn't it?
 So on to the studio! Vicky's warmblood mare and my warmblood mare are not far enough long to take a picture...but while painting I did get the two Totilas models in primer! The first is one I did with a more working trot frame. When I got that done I really thought he would make a nice Azteca or maybe a morgan sporthorse? I am thinking a grulla, any ideas?
 Below is a warmblood stallion, as he was originally sculpted to be. Both of these guys have had some fetlock and pasturn work done to make them all even and they will have foot pegs...no disk or base! I also cleaned up the left hock joint on both of them. I thought the extended trot looked sharp with one ear flipped back and a more flowing tail, and new braids of course! This is a beautiful sculpture to work with. You really do not have to do much to get a fabulous custom. I did smooth out the necks on both of these guys. They have the same sculpting texture like Alborozo's neck has. Nothing wrong with it, I just like the a smoother texture.
 I think this mold has endless possibilities! The sporthorse stallion is taken, but the spanish/morgan one is available. Email for details.
 Bint Morafina got some paint time too!
Back to work tomorrow, should be fun in the morning. The winds are picking up and we live at the bottom of a big (well, Illinois big) hill. Wish I had a sleigh from that show last month.


Trails End Studio said...

Oh My gosh I LOVE the Morgany one so very Purdy !

Unknown said...

What will you be asking for him if he is grulla?

Vicky said...

That is what you need to do for your Azteca! Maybe give him more of a Spanish head, but OMG lovely pieces!!! Can't wait to see them painted up!

Tiffany Purdy said...

I think you are right! I want to do one in a more dramatic pose, but I just love this mold! Do anyone have a charro doll I can use? I thought about adding more nose, but since the azteca is part stock horse, I actually like the head on him, its so detailed!
The spanish one is on hold at the moment, than you for all the inquiries!

Ashley Witt said...

Looking at these Prudy CM's has me wondering if there be a table of Prudy horses for sale at the swap meet on friday before show for the cure?? :D

Tiffany Purdy said...

I would love to come on Friday, but my husband coaches track so I won't be able to get away from home till late since I have to wrangle our own kids home.

Dragon said...

I think the first model would make a nice looking Morgan!

Ashley Witt said...

Lol I understand can't wait to see the new faces in your show string at the show!! :)

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