Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Miami Valley Live

No, I didn't get to go to Florida, but I did get to travel to Ohio this past weekend to attend the Miami Valley Live show. This was a GREAT show with tons of entrants and super high quality competition. D'Arry and I drove together, so I didn't bring a lot of performance stuff, but the show day was fantastic!
 I finally got to show Donnartanzerin in dressage. This tack set by Jen and doll by Jane is one of my all time favorites. I can't wait to show this setup at NAN with my new dressage rails that will be coming soon!
 This new guy is Leeuvonhoek, a dutch harness horse made from the Totalis with a salinero other pictures were all fuzzy, but this one with him in his historical side saddle turned out pretty cool.
 Tiffilicious was overall CM grand champion, and thats the harness horse in the background again. This little belgian below is a horse that I finally got off my backlog list. This is the BOTW drafter remade with clean legs...NOT a fun project but he turned out great. He was overall mini reserve grand champion!
 And look, I have been around Jen to much! This is Marissa, our new pet rat. A student of mine couldn't keep her anymore so we have added her to the Purdy family. She is so sweet! I am sure I will have her under saddle soon!
I have one more show to get qualified for NAN then I can finally finish the last of my trade models. Vicki, your mare is coming I promise!


KarenBeeson said...

NO WAY!!! You didn't tell me that Marissa has joined your famiiy! Congratulations!

Farm Fencing said...


Nice pictures of horses, lots of good information in your posting, I would like to tweet your blog post to visit again in the near future.

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Unknown said...

You are glad to know that all these accessories require low maintenance and repair.

Unknown said...

I love your customs why do you sell your horses though you should keep them

Unknown said...

Do you guys ever get up to Asheville NC? Would love to see some of your horses in action. We've been looking at some equestrian property up there.

Anonymous said...

Ang iba't-ibang mga bersyon nito ay nagbago paglipas ng mga taon, aksidente minsan, minsan sadya (nilagyan ng mga katatawanan at iba pa).